Complaint about Turbo Tax

I have done my own taxes each year for the past four years using Turbo Tax. The year before I starting Turbo Tax I attempted to do my taxes with pen and paper. This was extremely difficult and felt very circular! Taxes are definitely complicated. I was quite surprised, and since then I have felt justified in my purchase of Turbo Tax.

I have been fighting with Turbo Tax on and off for a couple of weeks on a particularly flustering issue. I recently moved states to move from a post-bacc program into a phd program. The legality of my relationship changed when I crossed state lines. Anyways, I had to really fight with Turbo Tax to get it to allow me to fill out my previous states part-year tax forms. I actually had to lie to the program and then go back and fix it in order for Turbo Tax to walk me through the rest of their “interview” for that state. Later, I went back to the forms to fix the “lies”. But the amazing part was, after 45 minutes with Customer Support, they told me to do it that way. There is no straight-forward way to do my taxes. Isn’t that exactly what this program is supposed to provide?

Because of this problem (and school of course!) I’m behind with my puzzle I have in mind for this week. I will attempt to have the puzzle up before next Friday, so there should be something to entertain you early next week. But until then please cross your fingers for me that this time they accept my e-filed tax return, because I’m running out of time to fight with the silly program!

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6 Responses to Complaint about Turbo Tax

  1. Zahid says:

    TurboTax is just a software. It has a generic design and your situation didn’t fit in. There is a reason Tax Prparers are in business.

  2. Mark Wilburn says:

    Let me give you all a piece of advice: Don’t use TurboTax. Do yourselves a favor and file your taxes some other way. I used them for the first time this year and it was a nightmare. I owed some money to the state and followed their online prompts to set up a monthly payment schedule. When I looked in on my checking account two days later, the state had taken the whole lump sum causing me to have a $52 overdraft fee. If you have a problem don’t waste your time calling TurboTax or Intuit. They don’t care and won’t help you if it looks like they might have made a mistake.

  3. Bill Babbel says:

    Potentially a good program but zero customer support. Tried chat box and was disconnected without the opportunity to comment. One hour wait on the phone with no help. Support person had no answer to the problem. Bought the Deluxe which included the state return but turned out not e-file for the state. Paid $19.95 to e-file the state then learned that I had to mail a form to the state. E-file is to save paper and postage. I just lost $19.95. They need to take some of the billions in profit and spend it on customer support if they can’t fix the system.
    I am trying to get the local TV to do a story on how bad they are and with some luck, they will go out of business.
    Wouldn’t you love to see them on 60 Minutes?

  4. Samantha says:

    Yes, some negative publicity for the mistakes they have made would be satisfying. A friend of mine had a similar experience as you with Turbo Tax this year (2009 taxes). He ended up having to pay for his state taxes despite the advertisement that the state filing was free. I’m still using Turbo Tax because I think it’s the best software currently on the market- I just wish there was something better out there.

  5. Don says:

    Check: Pro Republica website.. Turbotax hid the “Free Version”, H&R Block did the same trick. They steered us to their paid versions. 12 members of Congress have sent a letter to the IRS & FTC stating so. Call 888-777-3066 and demand a refund. State that you read the article on Pro Republica. Next year go through the IRS website to locate the truly “free” versions. Turbotax & H&R Block made a big money grab this year.

  6. Robert urkevich says:

    I paid 113 for my turbo return when you find out they created a nightmare it’s too late to change anything you see what you owe at the end I am supposed to get a refund instead they got me paying 1300.00 so I hurry up go to live chat and they charge my card 50 to tell me no one is available

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