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If you would like something humorous for your morning then I suggest you google “scaffolding” or “pennies” in google image search. You will find Social Mathematics on the first page of results.

In fact, my clicks per day has been on the rise ever since I started including these images in my posts. I am happy for the exposure, but now it is much more difficult to track my actual readership each day. 🙂 Perhaps I will fit the curve of my clicks per day to see what kind of exponential scale I can get. It’s quite remarkable!

I have an exam today, so wish me good luck! I also have prelim. exams coming up in two weeks, so I’ll be a little light on posts, but I have some good topics coming up so bear with me please.

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  1. Google has made a fundamental and subtle change in the way people select reading material. In the old days of brick and mortar libraries, the authors and librarians were in control. Only the books they cataloged or indexed as cookbooks were accessible to readers.

    For example: Only the books they cataloged or indexed as cookbooks were accessible to readers. If you wanted a recipe, say a Cuban Sandwich, you had to go the the cookbooks in the card catalog and check the index of each book. Now you can use Google to search all books and find the recipe in Murder Melts in Your Mouth by Nancy Martin.

    Under this Google model, each reader catalogs the content and decides what is important and what is not. People are free to view blogs with otherwise serious content as merely sources of clipart.

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