Cipher is one of the many names for the zero symbol. Now, of course, it now also means a code or encryption. I would like to draw your attention to this very cute poem about the double meaning of 0 and it’s name, “cipher”.

You O my O, but I O thee,
O O no O, but O O for me,
O let not my O a mere O go,
But O my O I O thee so.

Which translates into:

You sigh for my cipher, but I sigh for thee,
Oh, sigh for no cipher, but Oh sigh for me.
Oh let not my sigh for a mere cipher go,
But sigh for my sigh, for I sigh for thee so.

Origin Unknown

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1 Response to Cipher

  1. Cipher Haiku says:

    A 0 (cipher) Haiku

    Here’s a small 4 S
    Slowly grown 4 years 4 T
    A bon 0 U

    Here’s a small forest
    Slowly grown for years 40
    A bonsai for you

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