Petals Around the Rose

I was wandering through the lust forest of mathematics blogs when I came upon Math at SBHS hosting of the Carnival of Maths.  Here they featured a game called Petals Around the Rose.  Without a good explanation on the page they sent you to, they did reference another article about the puzzle which is lovely.

The game involves rolling 5 dice and giving a numerical value to a given dice roll.  Now I have only spent about 15 minutes give or take pondering the algorithm to this puzzle, and I have no idea what the method is.  Apparently this puzzle is a fantastic test of intellegence.  The intellegent folks take the longest.  Give it a shot.  If you can’t waste a quarter hour trying to solve this cute puzzle, then I’m very very impressed!

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5 Responses to Petals Around the Rose

  1. Chris says:

    That post was great. It took me until about half way through the post to figure it out. The essential thing to remember is the name of the game. Petals around the rose

  2. Samantha says:

    ooh good for you! I still haven’t figured it out, but I found a friend close by who knows the game so he can throw some more for me to help me guess.

  3. Nostalgic Problem Solver says:

    This puzzle reminds me of a puzzle my father used to tell back in the day before electronic entertainment devices when time was plentiful. The problem went something like this:

    “On Sunday, March 21st, at 9:17 in the morning, the number 19 train left track 43 from Grand Central Station for San Francisco. The trip was scheduled to take 63 hours and 27 minutes. As they crossed under the Hudson River, Harry, the conductor in Car 5219, collected tickets. This was a slow day, only 5 passengers: A mother and daughter going to visit grandma in Chicago. Two college students returning to school in Topeka. A salesman returning to California to sell vacuum cleaner. The train traveled all day and night and arrived in Chicago before dawn at 4:15 AM. The mother and daughter left the train and 4 move people boarded. A honeymoon couple and two women who entered together talking to each other, but who sat at opposite end of the car. THe train was 37 minutes ahead of schedule. …”

    This usual went on for some time with more stops and passengers embarking and disembarking. The train eventual arrived at its destination, and the puzzle was revealed: What was the name of the conductor? [Don’t look back now!]

    This is the 1950s version of TMI.

  4. kibrolv says:

    i saw this somewhere else a few days ago.
    evidently i’m pretty stupid because i guessed it
    on the second display.

    “tmi”– three mile island?

  5. Samantha says:

    ooh good for you! All said and done I spent about 45 min staring before I got it. That was after lots of tips from others. I think I’m just thick sometimes. I really love this puzzle and the conversations it generated among my friends and family. Very impressive for one little puzzle!

    TMI = too much information.

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