I wanna be a sponge when I grow up.

I’m madly studying for prelim #2.  I learned that I was not a very good sponge on prelim #1.  The professor included many questions that we did in class that I had not fulling absorbed.  A friend later commented it was not an exam on intelligence, but an exam on “how good of a sponge you were.”  I learned I was not a great sponge.  I was okay, but not truly great.

So, when I grow up, I want to be a good sponge.  I’m practicing my sponge skills now as I study for algebra.  The professor who writes this exam is fairly axiomatic about his topics.  Thus, I’m dutifully studying and trying to understand all the concepts.  But it feels like memorization.  Perhaps that is step one to understanding? Perhaps not?  Regardless, I am here memorizing tactic after tactic and proof after proof, hoping that they will appear on the prelim as I expect them too.   Below I have included an image of the sponge I hope to become.  You can almost see the layers of proofs and theorems hidden in the little holes!

my dream sponge

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2 Responses to I wanna be a sponge when I grow up.

  1. Brainy says:

    Here’s a picture of a real brain – looks like a sponge.

  2. tajmutthall says:

    I went back to school after a 5-year absence and plunged right back into upper-division math-major classes–and my brain sponge was so shriveled and cracked from lack of college math that it ached from absorbing and nearly exploded.
    (Ellen Finch)

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