Bar Trivia

I often like to discuss how the world is screwing over the average person.  We think we can all win the lottery, we think that we are saving money by using gift certificates and coupons, we believe that spending to save is an appropriate thing to do.  However, there are some unique situations where you can really get free money!  …sort of.

About a month ago I went to a bar to play trivia.  Here’s the premise: I sit down with my 4 of my friends to answer trivia questions as a team.  Over the course of two hours we answer 10.5 trivia questions.  The waitstaff grades the trivia quizzes to determine who wins.  Then the winning team gets $100 cash and the second place team gets a $50 gift certificate.  If you aren’t laughing at the $50 gift certificate- you should be.  Check out: Why do Gift Certificates Work to see why I chuckle at gift certificates.   BUT $100 cash.  That’s real money. 

So, I went into this bar and I ordered water.  I’m not a total prude, I would have bought root beer if they had any!  And then, two hours later… my team took first place.  Voila! $20 each.  The bar just *gave* me $20.   The next night we tried this we only got second place.  But in the end I had several enjoyable dinners and the bar gave me $32 and I gave the bar $25 for three nights of entertainment.  This is a hobby with the money moving the right direction!

There are some rules you must follow if you expect to take advantage of this trivia racket.

  1. You need to NOT order drinks.
  2. OR you need to already be spending money on bar food/drinks, so you aren’t spending money in an unenjoyable way.
  3. You need to be able to win.  (trickier than it sounds!!!)

Good Luck!


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