7 Board Games That Teach Math Skills (and are actually FUN)!

Recently I had the pleasure of putting together an article titled, “7 Board Games That Teach Math Skills (and are actually FUN!)”, about mathematical games for the awesome folks at Engaged Family Gaming. The article went live today and you should check it out!

Here is a teaser:

There is a lot of pressure from the media and from peers to believe that math is painful. Sometimes adults try to dress up mathematics to make it look like“a game”. As a gamer, I have been really disappointed in these dressed up math practice games because they miss the point of what a game really is. Instead they are loosely veiled attempts to manipulate kids to use math in a “fun” way.

All is not lost though, great games do exist that use mathematical thinking and math skills. The following is a list of fun games that can inspire mathematical thinking. I have compiled a list of seven wonderful board games for gaming families which can be enjoyed by parent and child alike which also include mathematical thinking.

7 Board Games That Teach Math Skills (and are actually FUN)!

One of the regular writers at Engaged Family Gaming is also a mathematician, so there are a few other wonderful articles about gaming and mathematics. Take a look around- Happy Gaming!

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