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When we speak of social mathematics, we must also remember that mathematicians are actually social. Yes, it’s true! We don’t just spend all day staring at each other’s shoes. We may not be social in a normal way, but we crack jokes and make up relationships between mathematics and life all the time. One of the more famous examples is XKCD, a webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language. I may come back to many of the amazing relationships XKCD presents about math and romance, but for now I want to present THE most famous math song on the internet. It comes from a group of guys from NU about a decade ago. Enjoy!

If you aren’t a mathematician, then you may at least appreciate that some of the lines are cute play on words and some of the lines that get extra laughs. Those are upper division undergraduate math play-on-word-jokes! They are all general enough that most mathematicians can understand them, but specific enough to be incomprehensible to the lay-person.

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Applied Mathematician and writer of socialmathematics.net.
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