IPCC 5 in Hiaku!

Anna Fahey posted a wonderful post on Daily Sightline on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). I’ve talked a little bit about the IPCC report previously. Though in that situation I was speaking about the 4th report, not the more recent publication of the 5th report.

Greg Johnson is a Fellow for the American Geophysical Union (Yep- that’s the same union whose conference I went to last week!). For you non-AGU folks, this title means he’s a well respected guy. So he created these Haiku summaries for each section of the IPCC. Then he created a little watercolor to go with each Haiku. The result is a concise, beautifully presented summary of the IPCC report’s Summary for Policy Makers. Go look at Daily Sightline’s page! Here is their link to the youtube video: Enjoy!

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