Educational Maturity or Snobbery?

As I spend more time in school, I have a different opinion about how courses are taught. At first, in undergraduate, you think, “OMG, this course is going sooo fast! How does the instructor expect us to learn all this?!” Then in graduate school you feel the same way but the courses are like ten times faster! One day you might have the opportunity to sit in on a undergraduate level course. Or, like me in my 3rd year of graduate school, you sit in on the most introductory course your school offers. Here’s a excerpt from an abandoned blog article from three years ago:

I currently attending a 100 level course at my university.  I am finding it very difficult to pay attention despite the interesting course material.  My problem is this: low information density.  That is: there might be one piece of non-trivial information every 15 minutes.  So I zone out because I’ve read the text and the text has more to say than the professor!  My TA is worse.  On Tuesday, we spent an hour explaining two long term projects that were being assigned.  So we wasted an hour listening to an explanation of what was already clearly written on the page.  Such a lack of insightful information!!

What happened between the first time I took at 100 level course and the last? (Also, why did I never finish this blog article till now??)

I think during the 6 years of education between my first experience with a 100 level course and my last, I learned how to learn. In fact, I am now a learning machine! I can pick up new concepts and new ideas like they are cupcakes at the grocery store. Mmm, cupcakes. I can now eat your undergraduate material for breakfast! Do you know what I need? I need one of those buttons.  Yeah, that one:

Thanks Staples.

Thanks Staples.

I’ll hit it every time the professor says something obvious. “That was easy!” Why can’t the other students learn faster than this…?

Interesting- how things can change.

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