In defense of science: Cosmos!

I love love love that people are freaking out (negatively and positively) about Cosmos, a remake led by astronomer Neil deGrasse Tyson of a mini-series led by Carl Sagan in the late 70’s. People are freaking out and watching it and you should be too.

Science as a field of legitimate inquiry has

come under attack over the last decade.

Think about how the climate change “debate” has continued despite 97% agreement among scientists- just ask NASA. Let’s also remember that New York has a measles outbreak for the first time in decades thanks to people not believing in vaccines.

I’m so grateful that there are people who want to put money into PUBLIC displays of science’s grandeur. If religion can paint emotional pictures to get recruits, then I believe science should be doing that as well. And scientists aren’t always their own best advocates… Cosmos is an amazing example of how science + emotion and art is compelling and understandable. It’s brilliantly done and skeptics should be scared. They should be running for the hills to regroup.

Cosmos has social power. Watch it. Talk about it. Help promote a positive view of science.

As a post script: this remix has been keeping me company as I write the second draft of my dissertation. It’s hilarious and grand.

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