Your Wedding is Not about You.

Every wedding TV show stresses that this is the biggest day of your life and your wedding is all about you. Sometimes I just want to remind brides and grooms that this may not be totally true. I’m going to put it in fancy, curly script because when you are planning a wedding you forget how to read all lettering that’s not cursive:


 This may come as a shock after all the media have put a focus on your special day. But you’ll be much happier if you remember that sometimes your wedding is about your family and your soon-to-be-spouse and his 6 month old crying niece. Your wedding is a big party for a whole lot of people… who aren’t you.

If you are analytically inclined, then maybe you need some proof. Here’s three charts to show why your wedding is not about you. The data presented below may or may not be made up.

Your Wedding Is Not About You.

Evidence 1:

You’re there all day but can hardly get a word in!


Evidence 2:

You have zero control over how you communicate.


Evidence 3:

A Bride’s conversation consists of 4 phrases for the whole day.



You know, maybe this is why people elope? Thankfully, the honeymoon IS all about you and your spouse!  So get excited for that honeymoon and practice zen-like patience while you plan the biggest, most expensive party of your life!


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2 Responses to Your Wedding is Not about You.

  1. Funny! But step-daughter was married in August in Italy in a wedding that was all about her! I guess that doesn’t happen very often. I sent the post to her to make her smile! 🙂

  2. Samantha says:

    I think many brides get to have their day, but there is a separate experience some brides have of doing everything for your family/tradition/etc! Sometimes the bride just doesn’t get to have an opinion about anything! 🙂

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