Rate of Change of Change

This week Bloomberg published a great article about the change of change in the US. I couldn’t pass up on sharing this article with you all because it’s about math and about social. This article focuses on the bottoms up approach to government. Some big decisions are made at a local and state level before the central government weighs in on the issue.

The article highlights the beautiful connection between the emotion-driven social situations and the rationally-driven analysis/desire to understand. The thing I love most about this article is that the analytical results so clearly reconnect with emotion. This article gives me hope and makes me optimistic about the rate of emotional change of US citizens.

Compared to issues in the past, we are changing our minds so much faster than before. We no longer live in a wait-long-enough-and-everyone-who-disagrees-will-be-dead scenario. We are more pro-active and more responsive than ever before.  So, with that build up, I really hope you’ll go read about America’s rate of change, “This Is How Fast America Changes Its Mind.Rate_of_change_Bloomberg

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2 Responses to Rate of Change of Change

  1. XT WIL-O-B says:

    This makes me optimistic that information really can change public opinion!

  2. vlorbik says:

    the calm before the storm, if you play the odds.
    the “museum”… (essentially the university) of
    alexandria rose up a star of academe’s great women
    (hypatia… known in her time as “the” philosopher)
    only to have the whole thing go down in rivers of
    blood and oceans of lies as it always has so far
    and probably almost must. this, now, is the climax
    of our so-called civilization. love each other
    while you can sez i. nice post.

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