Boston Home Prices by T stop

Do you live in a big city? We all know that if you live further away from the epicenter of the city, you should pay less for a home. But how much less? How much does one T stop save you in Boston? Would you travel 5 minutes more each way to save more than $100 per square foot? That could easily be more than $10,000 for the total price of your home.

Estately just published a fabulous analysis on the cost of homes by T stop over a 6 month time frame. Chinatown is over $1000 per square foot. While, all the way out in Riverside is only $265 per square foot. For a point of reference, if you happen to live near me, the average price per square foot near the Twin Cities is $150-200.

Puts a bit of a different spin on the film, “Next Stop Wonderland“, which is the last stop on the only T line which increases in price as you get further from Boston.


boston_area_transit_stop-513a6c8d52c385a422416199935b83e746b792ca114207c393b26dba307b0ef5  Check out Estately’s original article for more details about their analysis!

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