Trade agreements of dining out

Social Mathematics can sometimes be considered Economics. And here is a lovely explanation of how two countries (or people) can share food when dining out. Enjoy!

I am eternally astonished to find not only that many couples I know failed to discuss this key area before they marched up to the altar, but also that many of them still have not developed a joint dining strategy even after 10 or 20 years together. This is madness. You are placing undue stress on your relationship, and you are very probably having a suboptimal dining experience, thereby wasting time and money and missing out on deliciousness. As a romantic economist might put it in a wedding-reception toast, couples have the chance to jointly move to a higher utility curve.

There is all kinds of math about sharing.  Mathematicians have carefully considered how best to fairly split a cake at many levels. We know that between two people the “you cut, I chose” method works fairly. But we also have studied how to cut a cake when it has multiple flavors and multiple people receiving pieces.

Conversing about and understand the various options of dining experiences is important! You want to understand the ordering options before you chose! Enjoy the complete article about dining out on Bloomberg.



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