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Measuring Boston coastlines with increasingly tiny measuring sticks…

As I toured Boston this past week, I seemed to be drawn inexorably towards the Old State House.  Historically the Old State House was built at the center of civic activity. The Old State House “was prominently sited at the … Continue reading

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How Tap Dancing is like Climate Change

I’ve been describing my love of tap dancing. I told you about how Donald O’Connor is a bit of a idol to me. I also talked a little about how tap rhythms can be viewed a modular arithmetic. There is … Continue reading

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Cars! Acceleration vs MPG

I don’t own a car. I haven’t owned my own car for about 6 years, though a shared one for the first 4 of those. I’ve lived happily car-free for the last few years. This lifestyle isn’t possible for everyone, … Continue reading

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Winter is Coming…

Winter is coming… and going… and coming again here in Minneapolis, MN. I wanted to get some sense of how much cold this winter was. So I pulled a bunch of data about Minneapolis’s 2013-2014 winter weather and started analyzing it! We had a LOT of below zero days! Continue reading

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IPCC 5 in Hiaku!

Anna Fahey posted a wonderful post on Daily Sightline on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). I’ve talked a little bit about the IPCC report previously. Though in that situation I was speaking about the 4th report, not the … Continue reading

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ViHart and Doodling

Have you heard of Vi Hart? She is a wonderful mathematician who makes videos and sculptures and other wonderful things! Enjoy this video sample from her vast video library. It’s about Fibonacci Spirals.

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 As part of the Mathematics of Planet Earth 2013 initiative, a colleague is developing a webpage full of resources about Calculus problems involving Earth Science. She attended the MAA short course on Conceptual Climate Models. I helped organize the course and presented … Continue reading

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