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Drivers: stop forcing me to accept your excessive kindness

Enter the Alternative Transportation Human: me. I’m smart. I’m educated and I live in a city. I also don’t own a car. I’m an Alternative Transportation Human. The Alternative Transportation Human gave it a lot of thought and decided that she didn’t want … Continue reading

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Social Mathematics featured on Mathematics of Planet Earth Blog

Social Mathematics articles were recently revamped and featured on the Mathematics of Planet Earth 2013 (MPE2013) blog! I expanded the idea of writing a letter to a teenager about climate change and put it in two posts.  The first (on … Continue reading

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Why do mathematicians need to be involved with climate research?

When the world has a question about dinosaurs, a bunch of paleontologists get out their little shovels and picks and go to town in the dirt. We can see  the work they put it. This work in the field is … Continue reading

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Weather vs. Climate

The best way to see the difference between climate and weather is to understand what kinds of questions each can answer. If you are asking the question ‘Do I need my umbrella today?’ then you need information about weather. Climate, … Continue reading

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A Picture is worth… well it’s worth something!

Understanding math can be a difficult concept.  It can be exceptionally more difficult without the use of symbols.  I was recently writing a brief about how much energy the state of Minnesota could save if everyone updated their water heaters … Continue reading

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Let it Snow?

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Fishing Mathematically

“Oh you are getting a PhD in mathematics?  Are you going to teach?” Here is my first attempt to try to explain why mathematicians exist outside school and should further be involvement in social issues.  We, as a society, are … Continue reading

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