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Hunger statistics and click bait rant.

I have a bit of a issue with an article came out a while ago on titled, “6 Insane True Statistics That Laugh In The Face of Logic”. While the title is total click-bait, and I recognize that, it still makes me … Continue reading

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Monty Hall

The famous Monty Hall Problem explained with pictures and colors! Continue reading

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Pitfalls and Traps: Research

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Requirements: “Genius”

Particularly in mathematics, the cult of genius is pervasive. Either you’ve got it or you don’t. Mathematics, the cultural norm dictates, is about innate talent. Just consider the Fields Medal: the “Nobel prize of mathematics” which can only be given to mathematicians … Continue reading

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Math first in Pre-K?

NPR produced a short segment last week on a study that is happening now which compares standard pre-school learning with pre-school focused on mathematics. They found that the average student spends 58 seconds out of a 5 hour pre-school day on … Continue reading

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The Documentation Gods are angry…

Do you remember that code you wrote last year? …yeah, I don’t either. But the Documentation Gods do… Continue reading

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Learning Tools

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