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Game, Set, Match

Games provide structure. And this is a particular kind of structure because the structure of a game often leads to creative thought. It’s a casual environment where the mind can wander. Set is a particularly famous game amongst mathematicians. If you … Continue reading

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From math to policy makers

Many academia mathematicians are happiest when they can find NO real world application to their research.  They want to have nothing to do with reality and live in a world of math logic and symbols.  They bemoan the fact that … Continue reading

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Leaving up the Scaffolding

One of the biggest critiques I had about mathematical proofs is that they are so darn hard to understand.  I want the author to walk me through how they arrived at the correct answer.  Perhaps the proof would teach me … Continue reading

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The Brilliant Mathematician Reads a Proof.

Please place yourself in the role of the brilliant mathematician. Now I shall teach you how to act when a rogue and unknown proof arrives at your door. (Or as my Modern Algebra professor says, “when someone hands you a … Continue reading

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“sufficient evidence”

In math, we make claims and then we prove them. Let’s take an example.  First I must claim something to be true. I claim: It has just rained. Then I state my proof in a logical series of arguments. Proof: … Continue reading

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What’s in a Proof?

Is there a difference between a string of logical convincing arguments and a proof? One of the women that I took a Real Analysis with described her misunderstanding of a proof by saying, “I thought you just put everything you … Continue reading

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