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Big Data

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Kurt Vonnegut the poet

Kurt Vonnegut has inspiration for everyone. His blunt, and sometimes crass, humor is very endearing. …especially when he’s kinda talking about math. Here’s one example: Here’s another example of how math can tell stories.  And how Storytellers can tell math:

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Requirements: “Genius”

Particularly in mathematics, the cult of genius is pervasive. Either you’ve got it or you don’t. Mathematics, the cultural norm dictates, is about innate talent. Just consider the Fields Medal: the “Nobel prize of mathematics” which can only be given to mathematicians … Continue reading

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Tap Dancing Mathematics

“[Tap] Dancing is merely a question of applied mathematics” -Donald O’Connor My dearest readers, I have just had an epiphany.  Not just your run-of-the mill epiphany. No, no, nothing like that.  I had one of those, now-my-life-makes-sense epiphanies. A moment … Continue reading

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Using math IRL?

You should know: Mathematicians say crazy stuff like this ALL THE TIME. It is a minor miracle it took this long for such a statement to end up in a textbook.

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Fourier Analysis Quotes

We spend the last several weeks in my Real Analysis course on Fourier Series, which I had never seen in undergraduate. So I spent a fair amount of time in an undergraduate text book trying to learn how to do … Continue reading

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Cipher is one of the many names for the zero symbol. Now, of course, it now also means a code or encryption. I would like to draw your attention to this very cute poem about the double meaning of 0 … Continue reading

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