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Indexical Visualization

Indexical Visualization is about visualizing something by looking at the actual thing.  Most of the time we take the event and turn it into numbers (data), then we take those numbers and create a visualization out of them. The idea … Continue reading

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Math in the Media: September 2016

The internet had lots of great and terrible uses of math and mathematical visualizations in September 2016! This is our opportunity to applaud the winners and be confused by the blunders. Here are a few of my favorites: 1. The … Continue reading

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A Very Mathy Yarn

If you’ve ever seen a hand knitted garment with multiple colors, there are a few ways for a knitter to achieve this. One is to use multiple colors of yarn, and another is to use a specially dyed skein of yarn. But how should a skein of yard be dyed so that the patterns work out aesthetically? How much of each color, exactly? Caterpillar Green Yarns figured that out, and we are going to reverse engineer it. Continue reading

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