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Boston Home Prices by T stop

How much does living one T stop further save you in Boston? Would you travel 5 minutes more each way to save more than $100 per square foot? That could easily be more than $10,000 for the total price of your home. Continue reading

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At least a one thing has changed!

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Outside the Ivory Tower

I’ve been outside the Ivory Tower for about a year and a half.  In that time, I have radically changed the way I view the world. I’m now asking relatives about their ROI of their time when researching reduced hotel rates instead … Continue reading

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Saving Private Martian

The Martian was released into theaters on Friday. It’s a great film! Yet again, we have put Matt Damon into a dangerous situation that requires a rescue! So, I want to know: How much has makind spent trying to save Matt Damon? Continue reading

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Explaining Research in a Big Network of People

Now that I have finished graduate school and have my PhD, I find myself in a totally different dichotomy of “research”. After having several conversations with colleagues I know that my experience is not unique. Big Companies really change the idea of a “trusted source”. How do you communicate your research in business? Continue reading

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Parable of Polygons

In a time not so long ago, two women vi hart and Nicky Case created “a playable post on how harmless choices can make a harmful world.” Their post addresses the struggles of housing diversity (or lack thereof). You can play with … Continue reading

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The Cost of a Post-Doc…

Turns out my choice to move away from academics and into Industry may have netted me the cost of my first born child… here’s an article that explains why. Continue reading

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