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Pinpoint the moment when…

Graphs and data are always there for us, especially if we want to look back in time and find the exact moment that something changed. Today I’m presenting a bit of a poem of images about time series. Here’s the … Continue reading

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Your Wedding is Not about You.

Your Wedding is Not about You. SocialMathematics presents three graphs which describe how your wedding isn’t really about you. Data may or may not be made up. Continue reading

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How Tap Dancing is like Climate Change

I’ve been describing my love of tap dancing. I told you about how Donald O’Connor is a bit of a idol to me. I also talked a little about how tap rhythms can be viewed a modular arithmetic. There is … Continue reading

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Math Games in Tap Class

Last week I started to tell you about my life epiphany. There is a game I used to play in dance class. Now, you can’t play this game in any tap class. You need to be in a rhythm tap … Continue reading

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Tap Dancing Mathematics

“[Tap] Dancing is merely a question of applied mathematics” -Donald O’Connor My dearest readers, I have just had an epiphany.  Not just your run-of-the mill epiphany. No, no, nothing like that.  I had one of those, now-my-life-makes-sense epiphanies. A moment … Continue reading

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Dynamical Systems

In Jr. High School I was in a musical chorus group called “Dynamics.” We were the auditioned choir and we were supposed to be good at vocal dynamics- altering our vocal volume over time. Now, I can’t say that we … Continue reading

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