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Painted cube puzzle

I have a large cube-shaped block made of smaller cubes with sides of length 1 unit. The smallest such block is, of course, 1 cube big. Now I want to categorize the various blocks I make based on how many … Continue reading

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Count it!

This is an image which caused my students a great deal of trouble.   I thought it was pretty fun because I don’t think there is any cute trick counting this.   I want to know how many faces, edges and vertices … Continue reading

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In the defense of Small Numbers

In life, people don’t notice the small numbers.  A couple pennies here or there makes no difference to us.  (Which is part of why Bank of America’s “Keep the Change” savings program works so well- but that is neither here … Continue reading

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Students; learning outside school, then and now

I read a very interesting article from a woman named Patricia Clark Kenschaft about how much homework we give our youth. She discusses how too much homework in elementary school might be causing our college students to be dispassionate about … Continue reading

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Math in Video Games?

For a culture that is totally fearful of Mathematics, I think it’s amazing that we have so much mathematics in our video games. You might think you are avoiding that pesky mathematical reality by playing games, but in most cases … Continue reading

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