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Hidden Figures

Hidden Figures follows the black women in Langley, Virginia who were computers for NACA and later NASA. The film is sharp, witty and surprisingly optimistic. If you only see 1 movie in 2017, see this one. Continue reading

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Saving Private Martian

The Martian was released into theaters on Friday. It’s a great film! Yet again, we have put Matt Damon into a dangerous situation that requires a rescue! So, I want to know: How much has makind spent trying to save Matt Damon? Continue reading

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An Unexpectedly Long Journey

Every book lover loves to talk about how horribly the filmmakers screwed up when they deleted/added/changed a scene from our favorite book. The desire stems from our deeply rooted need to compare the two mediums, as if it was somehow … Continue reading

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Vampire Equilibrium

Whether you were sucked in by the story of Buffy, Edward, or Dracula everyone knows something about the lore of vampires.  Perhaps when you were young you wondered if they could be real.  Perhaps you didn’t. Perhaps it wasn’t until … Continue reading

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