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Winter is Coming…

Winter is coming… and going… and coming again here in Minneapolis, MN. I wanted to get some sense of how much cold this winter was. So I pulled a bunch of data about Minneapolis’s 2013-2014 winter weather and started analyzing it! We had a LOT of below zero days! Continue reading

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Happy Halloween!

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ViHart and Doodling

Have you heard of Vi Hart? She is a wonderful mathematician who makes videos and sculptures and other wonderful things! Enjoy this video sample from her vast video library. It’s about Fibonacci Spirals.

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Fishing Mathematically

“Oh you are getting a PhD in mathematics?  Are you going to teach?” Here is my first attempt to try to explain why mathematicians exist outside school and should further be involvement in social issues.  We, as a society, are … Continue reading

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Eco-Bunnies & Carbon Footprints

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Introduction to Thinking about Climate

Dear my little, well not so little anymore, imaginary teenage sister, I totally agree, popular culture is becoming inundated with the buzz words, “green”, “ecofriendly”, and “global warming”, but I’m not sure they are explaining things to you very well. … Continue reading

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Why do Mathematicians do science?

I am busy taking my graduate math courses and I’m also taking an introductory level science course on the atmosphere and meteorology.  I am doing this because I would like to work with climate modeling.  I was chatting with a … Continue reading

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