Data Science

This page will be devoted to resources for Mathematicians who would like to become Data Scientists in “The Industry”. This is not a page for people who are earning one of the new degrees in Data Science, though you may certainly find interesting things here. This page is primarily designed for the mathematicians who have a PhD (or most of one!) who are trying to figure out how to get from their pure or applied dissertation to a paying, industrial, data science position.

Data_science_overlapsThe mapping, F, between Academic life and Industry is not explicitly defined.  Consider the sub-space of resumes which maps between: the domain, a CV, to the range, LinkedIn is definitely non-continuous and occasionally nonsensical. And, how do you learn how to discuss your dissertation research in a way that a business can understand? What can you expect from your job if you become a Data Scientist? What does your work life look like? Is F invertible? I hope this page will be a resources that will improve your understand by at least epsilon.

Cartoons about the emotional journey:

Thoughts and Articles about Data Science (Most recent on top):

How to make the transition from Academics to Industry:

This is something I’m asked about fairly often, so I’m going to compile a small list of resources here.