Original Art

Social Mathematics has original art! I have been presenting a collection of my own original comics mixed in with the traditional content. I have received a lot of questions about these recently. Apparently no one believes I could have drawn the comics myself! So, I wanted to give some attention to them here.

I’ve always wanted to be able to share my emotional experiences on Social Mathematics, but I could never write a post about my emotions which felt accurate but not narcissistic. Then, while I was in graduate school, I discovered that my sketching skills (gained during my previous life as a theatrical costume and set designer) were great for art therapy. I started creating sketches to help me understand my emotional state.

Recently I’ve been able to expand this exercise in to the more elaborate comics you can find on the site now. I sketch the comics by hand and then ink them to thicken and clean up the lines. Next, the image gets scanned into the computer.

Road Ahead Sketch_Small

The next step is that I hand the sketch over to my amazing colorist and partner, Jason P Schumacher. He and I work together to use his mad Photoshop skills to bring the sketch to life. The goal is to keep the sketchy and emotional feelings of my hand drawings even after we add Photoshop into the mix. The final results of this collaboration can be found all over the site. Here is what the sketch for “Road Ahead” looked like when it was complete. Here is the original post. For a view of all the polished comics on the site, check out the “Original Comics” category.