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Data Science Triple Threats

Everyone likes a good list. There are some articles working around which talk about why Data Science doesn’t add business value. As a data scientist who love people, I wanted to add my voice to conversation. Here are three things that … Continue reading

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Explaining Research in a Big Network of People

Now that I have finished graduate school and have my PhD, I find myself in a totally different dichotomy of “research”. After having several conversations with colleagues I know that my experience is not unique. Big Companies really change the idea of a “trusted source”. How do you communicate your research in business? Continue reading

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Monty Hall

The famous Monty Hall Problem explained with pictures and colors! Continue reading

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Pitfalls and Traps: Research

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Your Wedding is Not about You.

Your Wedding is Not about You. SocialMathematics presents three graphs which describe how your wedding isn’t really about you. Data may or may not be made up. Continue reading

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XKCD for Valentine’s Day

Because no one says “Love” like Randall Munroe… Continue reading

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IPCC 5 in Hiaku!

Anna Fahey posted a wonderful post on Daily Sightline on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). I’ve talked a little bit about the IPCC report previously. Though in that situation I was speaking about the 4th report, not the … Continue reading

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